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AG Belt is Featured Exhibitor at Farm Progress Show & Husker Harvest Days

Des Moines, Iowa - April 19, 2013
AG Belt has confirmed its participation in the 2013 Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days. The Iowa based company is a wholesale distributor of round hay baler belts and will be a featured exhibitor at the annual shows. This will mark the first time in the company’s 40-year history that they have exhibited in a public trade show.

Founded in 1973, AG Belt has fabricated round hay baler belts for many of the biggest names in agriculture. Despite this history, AG Belt is not a household name. “AG Belt focuses on selling through manufacturers and distributors,” explains Jon Laughlin, AG Belt’s Manager of Aftermarket Sales. “We have not participated in a farm trade show in recent years, and many hay producers may not realize we supplied the original belts on their current equipment. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce ourselves and highlight some of the dealers who can provide them with our replacement products.”

In 2010, AG Belt Inc. was acquired by Apache Inc., a national fabricator of belt and hose products, based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Since then, AG Belt has added the AG Belt™ CobraFlex™ brand of baler belts to its product assortment. “Having our own belt supply provides us with a broader selection of products to better serve our customers,” says Laughlin.

These changes stemming from the acquisition by Apache Inc. are also the reason behind AG Belt making its farm show debut. “With the development of our own brand of belting, there was a need to become more proactive in marketing our name and to direct people to our distributor partners,” stated Ken Hammond, Marketing Manager for AG Belt. “With the resources provided by Apache, we can more effectively market ourselves to a broader audience. Since forming belts are so critical to the operation of round hay balers, it’s important that people be able to find reliable sources like AG Belt, who can offer them quality replacement belting for their baler.”

In addition to their own brand of baler belts, AG Belt continues to supply Goodyear® Engineered Products Baler Belts, AG Belt™ Gathering Wheels, starter flaps, belt fasteners, and other hay related products. For more information about AG Belt and their products please visit their website.

About the Farm Progress Show
The Farm Progress Show will be in Decatur, Illinois, and runs August 27th through August 29th. AG Belt will be located in the Varied Industries Tent Overflow in Booth 6016.

About Husker Harvest Days
Husker Harvest Days will be in Grand Island, Nebraska, and will run from September 10th through September 12th. AG Belt can be found in West DI, Booth 1778.

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