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About AG Belt™ Spliceless™ Baler Belts

AG Belt has been fabricating baler belts for the round baler industry since 1973. Throughout our history, we have focused on quality control, superior fabrication, and world-class customer service. We’ve put all that history and experience into the design and construction of our patented AG Belt™ Spliceless™ baler belt. Splicess Baler Belting Illustration

Patented Spliceless Design

AG Belt™ Spliceless™ baler belts simply do not have a splice – eliminating the number one cause of premature belt failure in traditionally spliced belts whether mechanically laced or endless.

Our patented spliceless design provides a belt with complete mechanical consistency and symmetrical construction throughout—eliminating any possibility of splice transition interference that could cause tracking issues or other splice related problems and providing consistent trackability regardless of the drive surface.

Patented Belt ConstructionAG Belt Spliceless Baler Belt

Our patented belt construction increases transverse rigidity without sacrificing longitudinal flexibility which allows the belt to remain extremely stable under dynamic conditions such as high tension/high speed as well as at start up – all translating to superior trackability.

Our patented belts are constructed with opposing “s” and “z” cords which transfer start-up torque and side loads toward the belt center line facilitating consistent trackability under dynamic conditions.

The directional carcass design reduces risk of catastrophic belt failure by edge puncture or tear.

We use high quality RMA Grade 1 rubber compounds throughout the belt’s construction ensuring superior cover durability and longer belt life.

The sealed edge design of our endless belt eliminates edge fray issues and prevents the belt’s carcass from being compromised.