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13" X 440" 3PLY IMP P345C

13" X 440" 3PLY IMP P345C

Part# 21002414

DescriptionCobraFlex Impression baler belts provide superior performance for a variety of balers. Featuring a light fabric impression on both top and bottom covers; these Impression baler belts sport a lower profile which makes them an ideal replacement for many older balers. CobraFlex belts are made with proven 3-ply technology for superior strength and fastener retention.

MATO High Performance Fasteners are the choice of many round hay baler manufacturers due to their high strength and long splice life.  All fasteners are professionally installed using production style equipment for a superior set and long life. Connecting pin is included.

Replaces Part Number: 
Belt Brand: AG Belt™ CobraFlex™ Baler Belt
Belt Code: S345
Top Cover Pattern: Impression

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Replaces Part Number:
Belt Brand: AG Belt™ CobraFlex™ Baler Belt
Belt Code: S345
Top Cover Pattern: Impression
Bottom Cover Pattern: Impression
Fastener System: Clipper® Wire Hooks
Overall Belt Gauge: 7/32"
Ply Count: 3
Width: 13"
Length: 440"
Minimum Pulley Diameter: 2-7/8"
Ply Construction: Nylon/Polyester/Nylon
Manufacturer: AG Belt