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14"X528"N 3PLY IMP P345C

14"X528"N 3PLY IMP P345C

Part# 21002435

DescriptionCobraFlex Impression baler belts provide superior performance for a variety of balers. Featuring a light fabric impression on both top and bottom covers; these Impression baler belts sport a lower profile which makes them an ideal replacement for many older balers. All CobraFlex belts are made with proven 3-ply technology for superior strength and fastener retention.

The Clipper® Hook design incorporates a double-staggered grip pattern that gives wire hooks exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity of the belt carcass. All fasteners are professionally installed using production style equipment for a superior set and the connecting pin is included.

These belts come with two beveled notches on the outside edges that extend into the belt about 3/4" and are about 3" long. These notches are by design and help eject chaffe buildup. Notched belts should be used in the outside belt positions with the notches facing out.