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14" X 528" Notched 3-Ply Impression P345C

14" X 528" Notched 3-Ply Impression P345C

Part# 21002435

DescriptionAG Belt™ Impression baler belts provide superior performance for a variety of older balers. Polyester and nylon fabric construction in the outside plies are engineered for optimal balance between strength, durability, and performance. Featuring a light fabric impression on both top and bottom covers; these impression baler belts sport a lower profile which makes them an ideal replacement for many older balers that may originally been equipped with 2-ply or 3-ply belting. These belts are manufactured using a rotary curing process—the gold standard for high quality and consistency.

Outside belt edges are notched to reduce material buildup on baler rollers. These belts should be placed in the outside belt positions with the notched edge facing to the outside of the baler.

The Clipper® Hook design incorporates a double-staggered grip pattern that gives wire hooks exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity of the belt carcass. All fasteners are professionally installed using OEM production equipment for a superior set and long life. Connecting pin is included.

Replaces Part Number: 121094011 or 507531001
Belt Brand: AG Belt™ Baler Belt
Belt Code: P345
Weight (lbs): 58

These belts come with two beveled notches on the outside edges that extend into the belt about 3/4" and are about 3" long. These notches are by design and help eject chaffe buildup. Notched belts should be used in the outside belt positions with the notches facing out.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Replaces Part Number: 121094011 or 507531001
Belt Brand: AG Belt™ Baler Belt
Belt Code: P345
Weight (lbs): 58
Top Cover Pattern: Impression
Bottom Cover Pattern: Impression
Fastener System: Clipper® Wire Hooks
Overall Belt Gauge: 7/32"
Ply Count: 3
Width: 14"
Length: 528"
Minimum Pulley Diameter: 2-7/8"
Ply Construction: Poly-Nylon/Polyester/Poly-Nylon
Manufacturer: AG Belt