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7" X 420.5" 3PLY MRT P310A

7" X 420.5" 3PLY MRT P310A

Part# 21001805

DescriptionThe CobraFlex Mini Rough Top profile is more aggressive and abrasion resistant than standard MRT profiles and is an excellent all-purpose cover pattern that offers quick and consistent bale starting. CobraFlex™ Mini Rough Top belts provide superior performance for many types of balers—including Vermeer and New Holland round hay balers. All CobraFlex belts are made with proven 3-ply technology for superior strength and fastener retention.

The Alligator® Rivet Fastener system uses a patented, self-setting rivet technology that works the rivets between the carcass fibers without severing them.  The fasteners and rivets are constructed from durable, abrasion resistant stainless steel for long life. All fasteners are professionally installed using production style equipment for a superior set and the connecting pin is included.

Width: 7"
Length: 420.5"
Ply Count: 3
Top Cover Style: Mini Rough Top


Alligator® Rivet Fastener use in New Holland Balers

While we offer the Alligator® Rivet as an alternative fastener for replacement belts on New Holland balers, we do NOT guarantee or warranty their performance. New Holland specifications call for Clipper® Wire Hook fasteners or endless belts and that is what we recommend.

New Holland balers are not designed for the heavier rivet style fastener systems and, while many hay producers do use them in their New Holland machines successfully, we don’t recommend their use. There may be compelling reasons to try and to use Alligator® Rivet in your New Holland baler, but we caution that you thoroughly troubleshoot any problems you have with the wire hooks first.

When you should NOT switch to Alligator® Rivet fasteners:

  • You have no problems with the original equipment Clipper® Wire Hooks
  • Your belts tend to flip over
  • You have a scraper bar
  • You have a 688 model
  • You have tried to use Alligator® Rivet unsuccessfully already

When you might want to try using Alligator® Rivet Fasteners on your New Holland:

  • If you already use them with no problems
  • If you have exhausted all other alternatives to solve a lacing issue and you are willing to accept the risk that the Alligator® Rivet fasteners may not work in your baler.

AG Belt will not, under any circumstances, guarantee or warranty baler belts or mechanical fasteners that do not meet the factory specifications for the machine they are being used on.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Width: 7"
Length: 420.5"
Ply Count: 3
Top Cover Style: Mini Rough Top
Fastener System: Alligator Rivet
Overall Belt Gauge: 1/4"
Belt Brand: AG Belt CobraFlex
MFR: AG Belt
Belt Code: S310A
Bottom Cover: Light Fabric Impression
Minimum Pulley Diameter: 2 7/8"
Ply Construction: Nylon/Poly