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About AG Belt™ CobraFlex™ Baler Belts

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We’ve put over 50 years of baler belt history and expertise into the constructions of our AG Belt™ brand baler belts to ensure superior performance across a variety of baler makes and models. We are the Original Equipment supplier for numerous OEMs and that means our dedication to quality is a requirement. Almost all our belt specs are manufactured using a rotary curing process—the gold standard for high quality and consistency. Proprietary rubber compounds are designed especially for the rigors of round hay baling. Our polyester and nylon fabric constructions are engineered for optimal balance between strength, durability, and performance. All this adds up to less down time and more time baling hay.

AG Belt™ HD

Cornstalk Round BaleAG Belt HD belts use heavy-duty fabric blends of polyester and nylon outer plies with a full polyester center ply for the ultimate in fastener retention, tear & puncture resistance, and longevity. These premium belts are manufactured using a rotary curing process —the gold standard for high quality and consistency. AG Belt HD baler belts are the premium choice for high-density baling and baling of abusive crop such as cornstalks.

Exclusive "Rotocure" Manufacturing

Most AG Belt baler belt constructions are manufactured through a state-of-the-art rotory curing process that provides continuous, uniform vulcanization. This unique process administers constant heat and pressure throughout the curing process eliminating transitions, seams, over-curing, and under-curing, which are all common defects associated with competitive belting manufactured on traditional flat press equipment. Our rotocure process results in belting with consistent construction, fabric tension, uniform quality and appearance, and--most importantly--performance.

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