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About AG Belt™ CobraFlex™ Baler Belts

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AG Belt has put all our history and experience into the design and construction of our new AG Belt™ CobraFlex™ baler belts. These 3-Ply belts feature excellent transverse stiffness, helping belts track straight and true, while their high longitudinal flexibility decreases belt stress to promote longer belt life and better fastener retention. The belts' 100% nylon outer plies are resilient enough to recover from stress and injury, offering better tear and puncture resistance than belts made without nylon. The 100% nylon outer plies also provide excellent elasticity under working tension, ensuring the belts return to their original state once the tension is released. Plus, CobraFlex baler belts are OEM-tested and approved.

AG Belt™ CobraFlex™ HD

Cornstalk Round BaleProducers are facing greater demand for a wider variety of tougher crops to be baled including cornstalks. As the demands for these crops and biomass have risen, so has the need for a more resilient baler belt that can withstand the abuse of baling these materials.

AG Belt is proud to introduce our latest in baler belt technology, the CobraFlex™ HD baler belt. This heavy-duty baler belt has been modified from the CobraFlex belt carcass to provide a premium option to our CobraFlex line. The CobraFlex HD carcass features increased puncture and tear resistance to better withstand the rigors of baling tough crop such as cornstalks.

Exclusive rotocure production

The Cobraflex line of baler belts are manufactured through a state-of the-art rotocure process that provides continuous, uniform vulcanization. This unique process administers constant heat and pressure throughout the curing process eliminating transitions, seams, over-curing, and under-curing, which are all common defects associated with competitive belting manufactured on traditional flat press equipment. Our rotocure process results in belting with consistent construction, fabric tension, uniform quality and appearance, and--most importantly--performance.

Improve your baler performance by using AG Belt CobraFlex baler belts. To get started, contact your dealer.