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About Continental ContiTech Baler Belts

Goodyear Engineered Products LogoAG Belt has been offering Continental ContiTech baler belting for many years, and confidently stands behind each of their products. Constant research and development at the belting research center in Marysville, Ohio, has led to the creation of innovative, top-quality products. This commitment to quality has created fabrics and adhesives that are crucial for the creation of advanced ply material. The result of this research and development are fabric combinations ideally suited to round hay baler applications.

Ply technology

Continental ContiTech Baler Belts, whether 2-ply or 3-ply, have been designed to provide stable length under load. This means that the belts run straight and true and display consistent performance. They also have excellent stretch and abuse resistance, and exhibit higher fastener retention.

Rotocure production

Continental ContiTech belting is manufactured through a state-of the-art rotocure process that provides continuous, uniform vulcanization. To eliminate transitions, seams, over-curing, and under-curing, which are all common defects associated with competitive belting manufactured on traditional flat press equipment, rotocuring administers constant heat and pressure throughout the curing process. This production method results in belting with consistent construction, fabric tension, uniform quality and appearance, and — most importantly — performance.

A complete solution

Finally, they utilizes advanced covers featuring the tread patterns specified by the baler manufacturer. These covers provide the necessary friction to drive the material into a bale and protect the carcass from tears and punctures.